A Luke 15 Day

We had a Luke 15 kind of day.  In Luke 15 Jesus tells three lost and found stories and thus it was we had three lost and founds in just a few hours.  When we took our dog for a walk in the forest we came across police cars and fire rescue vehicles.  There was a lost woman in the forest. Just as we were returning from our walk she was found by some of the local children.  When we got home my wife discovered she lost a button off her jacket.  She found a perfect replacement button in her button box.  I then sat down to watch the evening news and promptly fell asleep.  (I have to stay out of that chair.  I lose too many hours in it.)  The woman was found. The button was found but alas my hour in that chair is not recoverable.  I guess it was not a Luke 15 day.  In Luke 15 all three things were recovered.
Unfortunately we live in a world of loss and what we lose are more valuable than any button.  Anyone who loves will suffer loss.  It comes with the joy of having someone precious in our lives.  We cannot keep our children. They grow up.  Then they lose us to old age and finally death.   We lose relationships and end up alone.  This is what makes Jesus so necessary.  When I was a child, Jesus was a great idea.  Now He is so much more than that.  When I call Him my Savior it isn’t just a descriptor or a name.   He is now the most important thing I have.  He and He alone will make this a Luke 15 life where everything precious will be found, restored and returned with the surety of never losing a loved one again forever.