Heaven Is A Grudge Free Zone

I sat down this afternoon with my high school senior year annual.  It has been decades since I cracked it open.  I wasn’t surprised that I could not remember the names and faces of those in the classes below seniors.  We were so important as seniors the other peons didn’t exist.  But what amazed me was I could not remember those in my class, some of which I think were in my class all four years.  By each picture there is a written message.  The messages basically all say the same thing. “Don’t forget the good times we had.”   I did.
There was one message that really puzzles me.  It starts off with “Dearest Roger, It has been swell knowing you this year. Really. Lovingly Yours, Gayle” It is beside a picture of some girl named, Linda.  Wow.  Who’s Gayle?  Who’s Linda?  Are they the same person?  If anything happened surely I would remember!!  I’m not that senile.
If this memory loss could happen after fifty years what will it be like to live forever?  So I am going to cover myself now by asking you to forgive me if we meet once every millennium or so and I have no recollection of you.  I’m sorry.  It must be in my DNA.
I get the idea that forgetting is a big thing in heaven.  “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”  Hebrews 8:12.   God sets the standard and if we are to be like Him we also will forget each other’s sins.  There will be no grudges in heaven.  Heaven is a Grudge Free Zone.   And most importantly we will forgive ourselves.  Often that is much more difficult than forgiving someone else.