Never Sever

The card reader on my computer stopped working.  I tried everything my non-nerd brain could think to try.  I rebooted.  I restored my system to an earlier date.  I ran an antiviral program.  I turned it off and waited two minutes before turning it on again. All of this was to no avail.  Alas, I pulled all the plugs and wires and took it to a computer repair shop. I think you know what happened.  I thought it only happened with cars.  When the tech plugged in the computer the card reader worked. The only conclusion we could come up with was that by completely severing all power we allowed for a total reset.
So I thought maybe this is a good illustration of our relationship with Christ.  When it stops working we should completely disengage from God and then come back for a totally new start.  Then I realized this is a horrible illustration.  This is nuts.  It is true; rededication of our lives to Christ is a good idea.  But, we should NEVER sever our relationship so we then can renew it and thus enhance it.  That doesn’t make good sense.  It is akin to Romans 6 where people suggested they should sin more so grace could abound.
It’s like saying I should stop loving my wife for a week so when I start again it will be a stronger and better love.  We just can’t turn love on and off as if it were a light bulb.  Love is an integral part of our being.  With love we establish and maintain relationships.  It is love that brought us into this world and love that transports us to the next.