“Live With It”

I overheard an argument this week where one of the parties said to the other, “Live with it.”  Having heard that expression many times I Googled it and got 591,000,000 hits.  Obviously the expression is used a lot.  There are a lot of books entitled “Live with ….”   Often something negative is going on and people are told to “Live with it.”  I personally don’t recall ever having said it to anyone so I decided to try it on you.  Here goes.
1. God loves you very much so “Live with it.”
2. Jesus died for you so “Live with it.”
3. Upon your request God will forgive all your sins and treat you as if you had never sinned so “Live with it.”
4. You can be a temple of the living God by inviting the Holy Spirit to abide in your mind so “Live with it.”
5. You can live a stress reduced life by not worrying about your future so “Live with it.”
6. Your self-esteem can be elevated by understanding you are a prince or princess of the universe so “Live with it.”
7. Make Jesus the Lord of your life and “live with it.”
Hey, that felt really good.  I think I am going to start a new habit in life by telling people to “Live with it.” Actually, when one pauses for a moment to contemplate the alternative it is the best counsel we can give people.  The alternative is a real downer.  The alternative is one has to bear the cost for their sins and with Jesus we don’t have to.  So bear with me here while I say it one more time.  “Live with it.”  Forever!!