My Fitbit

My wife gave me a Fitbit for Christmas.  It is a small black band worn around my wrist.  Not only does it tell me the time and date, it also continually records my heart rate, the number of steps I take, the calories I burn, the number of times I climb stairs and how many hours I sleep down to the minute.  It even records at what moments I stir during the night.  It syncs with my computer that grafts all this data. It tells me I have a resting heart rate of 63.   On my daily walk there are some down hills and some steep up hills.  I can tell from the graphs generated what moment I started the ups by the increase in heart rate.  I know from my heart rate record when my dog stopped to sniff.  All this information is amazing.
One thing it does not do is number the hairs on my head.  That task is still left to God. But it is truly illustrative of how easy it can be for records to be kept in heaven of our daily activities – good and bad.  We do not have to rely on some angel’s memory or faithfulness to record things.  All the information can be recorded on and retrieved from a chip.  Isaiah talked about our sins being blotted out.  He was speaking metaphorically using the technology of his time.  Should Isaiah be alive today surely he would speak of God hitting the delete key or mouse clicking to the trash bin where they would be electronically shredded.
Whatever means one uses to describe the eradication of our sins is mere poetry.  The eradication itself is life and death.  Nothing could be more important.  I John 1:9.