With Real Friends It’s Like That

This afternoon we visited with Patty, a friend we had not seen for 35 years.  When Patty graduated from the eighth grade her mother was ill and could not attend; my wife became a stand-in mom.  My wife wore Patty’s mother’s white dress and stood to receive the corsage the graduates pinned on their moms.  While Patty was pinning the corsage she kept saying, “I hope I get this right and it doesn’t fall off.”  My wife assured her it was not going to fall off because she knew something she didn’t tell Patty.  Patty had pinned it on my wife.  Yes.  The pin went in and out much deeper than just the dress. My wife’s concern was that the blood would flow out unto the pretty white dress.
I had almost forgotten this until this afternoon when we saw Patty, who grew up and went on to have a great career as an air traffic controller.   It was amazing that seeing her made time vanish.  It was almost like no years had passed.  Thirty-five years seemed like nothing.  After we parted I thought of living forever and seeing old friends after thirty-five hundred or thousand years.  Will we just pick up where we left off?  I think so.  With real friends it is like that.
Sometime today make a mental list of your best friends and try to remember when you saw last them.  If it has been a long time take the initiative to make contact.  You will not be sorry.  Then, of course, there is your best friend, Jesus.  If you haven’t contacted Him recently do so this very day.  I assure you He will be delighted and it will seem like no time has passed.  With real friends it is like that.