The Gateway Sin

Each of the Ten Commandments is designed to keep us happy.  No one knows us better than our Creator and therefore He knows what is best for us.  When He tells us not to covet He is telling us how to be happy with what we have.  It is miserable to see something another person has and to want it.  Sometimes we talk about “Gateway Drugs.”  We should talk about “Gateway Sins.”  There is no question that little sins lead to big sins.  Coveting is a “Gateway Sin.”   If we did not want what another person has we would not be tempted to steal it or worse, kill them so we could get it.  Thou shall not covet definitely belongs in the Big Ten.
I am amazed at how many people I speak to who are not happy.  We should have happy courses and the first class should be dedicated to paying attention to what God has prescribed for us.  One of the things I notice is how fearful people are.  They talk about how bad the world is getting.  Having been a history minor in college I would like to propose that the world isn’t any badder than ever.  Horrible things have been occurring since Cain killed Abel.   The difference now is the 24 hour news channels. In order to fill up all that time newspeople scour the world for all the horror they can find and then they pump it into our living rooms.  The bad stuff happened before this.  We just didn’t know about it.  Technology enables them to make us miserable.
Please remind yourself every day that Jesus loves you.  Be comforted that your sins are forgiven and rejoice in your citizenship in God’s Kingdom.  It’s a happy kingdom.