The Parable of the Unjust Judge

I have dog treats in the bottom drawer of my desk.  Of course she knows where they are and there is an expectation when I sit down to write that she will receive one.  She stands and stares at me.  It doesn’t matter that I sometimes pretend I don’t see her.  She can outwait me.  I find it psychologically disturbing to be stared at.  I cannot write or even think about anything other than I am the object of her intense attention.  I finally break down and open the drawer.

She reminds me of one of Jesus’ most interesting parables.  It is found in Luke 18.  It seems there was a judge who cared little about people or justice.  He totally ignored the legitimate request of a widow.  She was nothing to him.  But because she persisted and practically drove him crazy with her constant demand for justice, he granted her request just to get rid of her.  Jesus drew the following lesson for us.  If this unjust man will finally give in, how much more will our God who loves us grant us our requests. If she could get justice from a wicked man, be sure we will get righteous judgment from our God.

This parable is for all who feel life has somehow been unfair.  We haven’t received recognition for our hard labor.  We have been unfairly treated by an employer.  We have been falsely accused of something we did not do.  No matter what the issue, Jesus wants us to be sure righteousness and justice will be rendered in our favor.  So hold on.  Don’t give up.  Be persistent in prayer.  Maintain faith and all will be well because we have a judge who really cares.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 30, 2008