Ever So Thankful

I, like most of you (I imagine), occasionally look at my paycheck stub and sigh over the deductions.  Then I sink into my easy chair to watch the evening network news.  There before my eyes is the video footage of hundreds of thousands of people streaming out of the middle-east fleeing savage carnage that few of us can even begin to comprehend.  I am so thankful to pay taxes for the wonder of our land.  The political zoo that is winding up now for the next year can be amusing but is also an example that anyone can run for president and say anything, no matter how outrageous or untrue.  We call it free speech.  Stop and think about the miracle that not one candidate will be beheaded in the coming months.

It is easy to be thankful when one lives here.  While there is probably an end to the list we could develop, it would be a long list. Once in a while I hear someone say, when asked to mention just one thing they are thankful for, “I have so many I can’t distinguish just one.”   Well, go ahead then and say two or three or four.  Or could it be they have no concept of what life is like for millions not here?

If life is all about being fair, when most of us get to the pearly gates Peter should say to us, “Sorry, you already had your share.”   How wonderful it is to know that life isn’t about fairness.   It is about mercy and love and family.  It’s about redemption from our selfishness and transforming us into a Christ-like creature.  Perhaps one of the very early steps on that journey is being very thankful.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 9, 2015

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