Once in the Past Never-Forgetters

This past weekend I was searching for a particular book.  I was very sure it was on my desk.  I looked and looked to no avail.  Finally I gave up and found another copy in the basement.  What is disturbing about this is I just now looked up at the shelf above my computer screen and there’s the book!  My wife did not take it and put it back.  No one else has been here.  This is pathetic.  I used to think old people’s senses eroded very slowly.  So why are mine slaloming?

Here are some other things that are leaving me.  People’s names – I am not talking about someone I met ten years ago and haven’t seen since.  I’m thinking about, what’s his name, with whom I graduated from high school.  Directions – I come to an intersection and don’t have a clue if Dunkin Donuts is to my right or left.  (Actually this is New England.  There is most likely one both to the right and one to the left.) Birthdays – well to be honest I never learned them in the first place.  Parking – I am so thankful for the panic button on the key.  It works.  The Minor Prophets in the Old Testament – I have to sing the song I learned in kindergarten to know where Obadiah is.

I know that God will restore me someday.  But in the meantime I seriously wonder about His sense of humor.  Does He chuckle just a bit at us once upon a time never-forgetters?   If He does it is in total love as He thinks of the brains He will someday give us.

We are going to a retirement party this evening for – I can’t remember who – just so the food is good.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 11, 2013

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