On Multi-tasking

Two of my granddaughters are sitting close by me watching a Netflix program on a laptop.   Each of them is also playing a game on their cell-phones.  At first the seeming duality of their interest span intrigued me but then I realized this is not new.  It is only different.  How many times have I been in church, totally bored, and thus read my Bible?  Somehow that seemed kosher.  But I have also sent text messages back and forth to someone on the other side of the congregation.  Often we excuse ourselves by tricking ourselves into thinking we are good multi-taskers.  I am not sure there is such a thing as a multi-tasker. Instead I think we get good at tasking in rapid sequence, quickly turning our attention back and forth.  The result being that we don’t do either task very well.

Then again multi-tasking is recommended in Scripture.  Paul wrote in                     I Thessalonians 5, “Pray without ceasing.”  He knew we had lives to live and work to do.  And yes, I understand, he was talking about a life-style of being in company with God.   The wonder of the human mind is that we can drive and listen to the radio.  We are marvelous beings made in the image of a God who can monitor every being in His vast universe.  God is the ultimate multi-tasker able to attend to our every need.  Never fear that He is too busy to hear you.  Not only can He hear, He is anxious to hear you.  You can turn off the car radio and talk with Him as you drive.  You can make Him happy and in turn He will make you happy.   It is a win-win.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 8, 2015

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