The Price of Salvation

This afternoon I called one of those Papa places to order a pizza.  I told the girl I wanted a large with two toppings and asked her the price.  She told me it was $16.00.  I then said I was sure she could offer me some kind of special.  “Oh yes,” she said.  “You can have a large four topping for $9.98.”  So I said, “I want a large four topping pizza with onions, green peppers, pineapple and mushroom.  Oh, could you please hold the green peppers and pineapple.”  “Great,” she said, “That will be $9.98.”  I just love talking to teens.

It’s natural for us to want things as cheaply as possible.  Often we wait to purchase something until it is on sale or if we can find a coupon. If eternal life was offered for sale I’m sure we would do our best to get it as cheaply as we can.  The rich young ruler asked Jesus what he had to do to be saved.  When Jesus told him to give away all his goods, the young man went away sorrowfully.  The cost was too much. In Luke 14 Jesus told us to count the cost before embarking upon a project.

So just what is the cost of salvation?  It’s free.  But there’s a rub.  It cost everything you are.  The issue is love.  We can’t buy love but once we experience love we would give everything – even your life.  Notice I said everything we are and not everything we have because God isn’t interested in what we have.  He only cares about what we are.  He wants us to be His child.  He wants us to be like Him.  It’s because He knows if we are like Him we will live the most abundant life possible and that makes Him happy – Very Happy.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 26, 2016

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