Patches Is Gone

Patches is gone.  Patches is a beautiful Australian sheep dog who for at least eight years has been our dog Jazz’s friend.  Yesterday Patches’ family moved away.  He was always outside.  Even in the midst of winter he didn’t want to go in the house. Each day on our walk around the block Jazz stopped and exchanged sniffs.  This evening we stopped as she looked for him.  She sniffed everywhere and let out a few whiney sounds but alas no Patches.  I tried to explain to her but my Labadorish is not very good.  I was frustrated as I just couldn’t find the yelps and barks to tell her what happened.

As we continued on I wondered if God is sometimes frustrated with us as He tries to help us understand loss.  I’m thankful He does speak English, Swedish, Spanish and every possible language.  He even speaks Labadordish.   Perhaps He will help her understand Patches is gone.

As for us, God struggles to enlighten our dull minds.  He, who sees the end from the beginning, understands the grand picture and how each event in our lives goes into making us who we are.  We, who sometimes think we are so smart, are very limited.  Infinity, sin, love, and hate are only vaguely understood as we grapple with the great issues of eternity.  It is so encouraging to know that someday we will see God face to face and with our transformed minds (see I Corinthians 15) we will begin to understand the hows and whys of our short stay here.

I wonder how often Jazz will have to pass Patches’ home before she ceases to stop and sniff.  How long does it take for us to stop caring and wondering about the loss of those we care about?  I hope never.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 4, 2015

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