The Kiss

I was looking out the window of St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA this noon peering across a street at Worcester’s Korean War Memorial when a car pulled up to the curb.   A sixtyish looking man got out, went around to the passenger’s door and helped an elderly lady across the walkway to the large wall inscribed with the names of Worcester’s sacrifice so many years ago.  Long she stood looking at a particular name and then leaning forward she kissed it, turned to go back to the car, fumbled in her purse as the younger man guided her back.  I almost felt guilty that by watching I had violated a sacred moment.

Often I have heard people say once in heaven we will not remember those we have lost.  How can that be?   Jesus wears the scars forever so we do not forget.  Forgetting would mean that all of this is in vain.  The nation of Israel has holocaust museums so we do not forget lest it happen again.  Well, I am told, we just wouldn’t remember specific people.  Really?   The Kingdom is about loving more not loving less. If one of my loved ones is not there I will understand why, that is what the records are for.  They are not for God.  They are for us that we should understand God’s love and justice.

If one of my loved is not with me I will still love them.  I will kiss their name inscribed in the record books.   We sometimes say time heals all wounds.  We will have all the time that makes forever. Yes, our tears will be wiped away.  My wife and I have a son buried in Iowa.  After fifty years we still love him but we do not cry when we speak of him.  Should heaven be any different?

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 1, 2015

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