A Box of Matches

According to the first law of thermodynamics energy in a closed system is neither created nor destroyed.  It is merely transformed from one form to another.  Just a few forms are wave energy, kinetic energy, potential energy and energy of mass.  Think about a box of matches.  It is a small bundle of potential chemical energy.  Yet it has the potential to release energy in the form of heat and thus fire.

A community is something like that box of matches.  Each person is a source of energy.  Each person has the capacity to do great things for their community—be it a school community, a church community, a neighborhood community.  Multiplying that potential by the number of people in the community produces a staggering dream of what can be.

In Acts 2:3 we read the story of the Holy Spirit filling the disciples with power.  And what happened when all that power was transformed into work?  Acts 17:6 says, “They turned the world upside down.” And we can do that today.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 25, 2003

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