I love drive-thrus.  We can do so many things without getting out of our cars.  We have drive-thrus where we can get fast food, do our banking, get our prescriptions filled, and get postal service.  In Las Vegas we can get married and divorced at a drive-thru.  Funeral homes make it possible to view our deceased family and friends in drive-thrus.  If my dog is with me when I go through the drive-thru at our bank she gets a treat.

It is amazing how much we can accomplish at drive-thrus.  However, there is one thing we can’t do at a drive-thru. Last week I received the following comment in an email from one of my friends regarding our spiritual lives.  He wrote, “I would suggest that the time we need to spend contemplating, being thankful and absorbing this cannot be done quickly.  I don’t think there’s any such thing as a drive-thru devotional life.”*

We live in a fast paced world.  Computers can do so much for us but they have not slowed down our lives.  They just enable us to get more accomplished.  Our work expectations have increased with the speeds of our CPUs.   However, when it comes to our spiritual growth and our comprehension of inner things we need to give that time.  Just as it took us sixteen years before we could drive a car, so it takes years for us to comprehend the deep things of God.  In Ephesians Paul speaks of the mysteries of God.  Some mysteries are solved quickly.  But the mysteries of God take decades.  I really should say will take eternity because we will never completely grasp the wonder of God’s love for us.  This is not a drive-thru experience.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 31, 2015

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