I’m sure you have noticed that there are no questions anymore.  Whenever we ask something it is always with a quickquestion.  This is ironic because it takes longer to say quickquestion than just question.  I guess it is symptomatic of our busy lives.  Maybe these devotionals are successful because they are only 300 words and thus a quickread.

In the spirit of being quick I would like to proclaim that salvation is quick.  It is not a long drawn out lifetime of working to please God.  Eternal life is not determined by a scale where we hope our good deeds outweigh our bad deeds.  Salvation is mentally saying yes to God’s constant wooing.  He is a lover who never gives up.  Sometimes we can’t hear Him because we drown out His still small voice with a continual barrage of personal media.  But that doesn’t mean He isn’t there.  He is.

Now that I have taken the position that salvation is quick, I need to add that the plan of salvation that provides salvation for us has taken longer than we can know.  Before the foundation of the Earth God knew us and planned for our redemption from the sin He knew would happen.  (Ephesians 1:4)  He did not predestine sin but once He gave us freewill He knew we would need rescuing.  He is in a raging war with the enemy of our souls and His battle for us continues on even when we sleep.  Someday the battle will be over.  Jesus will come again and redeem His own.

We should never assume it was easy or quick.  For God, our Heavenly Father, it has been a long painful journey.  He does it because He loves us.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 24, 2015

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