Not to Be Missed

I allowed my password for my university email account to lapse.  I have been teaching there for about seventeen years.  When I tried to get the information tech department to reset it today I discovered, according to them, I don’t exist.  I’m not in the system and never have been.   At least they still pay me every other week which is fairly interesting for someone who doesn’t exist.  I’m pondering not trying to correct their error and keeping the status quo.  If I don’t exist then they can’t send me email.  That has a certain attractive quality to it.

I am so thankful God never loses me out of His system.  According to Revelation 21 Jesus has a Book of Life that contains the names of the redeemed.  It’s a book in which all should want their names recorded.  This is so much different than wanting your name in a Who’s Who book here on earth.  Those books are quite useless other than to show and impress your grandma.  The Lamb’s Book of Life is a record of our rebirthdays.

We will never be lost in God’s system.  Even if we don’t take advantage of His merciful gift of eternal life, He will still know us.  If we are lost for eternity He will still never stop loving us.  We just will not be; except in His memory.  If lost we will forever be missed because there is and never has been someone exactly like you and me.  Each of us is so special.   I wish we could inspire everyone to come along with us.  It is something not to be missed so that we will not be missed.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 17, 2015

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