Can We Be Too Perfect?

Vinyl records are making a comeback.  It seems that digital music lacks character because it doesn’t have the hiss and crackling sounds and people are missing the flavor of imperfection.  It’s hard to imagine that we miss the sound of the needle in the groove but once again the vinyl presses are working 24 hours a day as people snatch up the old technology.

So it got me to wondering if things can be too perfect.  If we take off all the warts and moles do we strip a person of his or her personality?   What does being perfect mean?  Will the heavenly version of Cindy Crawford be missing her characteristic mole above her left lip?  If so, how will we know her?  I know some twins whose only distinguishing identity mark is a mole.  Will it be gone?  Perhaps we get to choose which marks we want to keep.  Will I be as tall as some of my best friends?  I hope not.  I would not know them from eye to eye perspective.  I’m used to looking at their Adam’s apples.

In I Corinthians 15 when Paul speaks of this corruption putting on incorruption is he only referring to the death factor and we get to keep the other characteristics that make us us?  The corruption of our minds, our selfishness and our bigotries can go.  That will be great.  But hopefully the personality quirks, the lilt of the head, the raspy voice, the silly laugh will stay the same.  We just don’t need everything to be vanilla perfect.

Whatever it will be I know we will be thrilled.  I just don’t want us to be overly perfect.  That has the potential of being quite boring.

Written by Roger Bothwell on February 17, 2015

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