The Price Was Right

I saw a really large lady win a Mini Cooper on the Price Is Right.  As she stood beside her prize I could not but think of being a little boy at the circus watching a cadre of clowns getting out of their little car.   She seemed thrilled.  Perhaps she was planning to give it to a smaller loved one.  I have deemed that I would not do well on the Price Is Right.  Things always cost more than I think they should and why would people even want a $2000 grill.  How could you show the enthusiasm the show’s producers want from you when you win something quite useless?  It’s hard to jump up and down with joy upon winning a trip to Boston when you already live in Boston.

Now if we are talking about winning the biggest prize of all time, eternal life, then we are talking about something I really want.  I extend my apologies to the conservative folks I go to church with but when before God’s throne I am going to dance.  I want to proclaim that the price was right.  For us any price would have been cheap enough but for us it is free.  God paid the price.  And oh what a price He paid!  The wages of sin is death.  We earned it.  He paid it.  In order to escape someone who never sinned had to pay the price for us.  If He had sinned His death would have been for Himself.   Hallelujah.  (Yes. I am about to dance.)  He did not sin and yes He did pay the price.  God knew exactly what to do when He got the price right.

Written by Roger Bothwell on January 27, 2015

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