A Time for Mulligans

Every golfer knows what a mulligan is.  It is something very much needed when one does not keep one’s head down and left arm straight.  A mulligan is a do-over without counting the first swing as a stroke. The rules regarding mulligans depend on the agreement of those playing.   The rules range from none to one for each hole.  The usual rule is one and is often used on the very first hole when you whiff the ball because instead of keeping your head down you looked up to see where it was going.

Christianity is a mulligan religion.  The basic rule is there is always another mulligan available whenever needed.  God is a God of do-overs.  We can create an impressive list of God’s patience with His people.  We could start with the woman taken in adultery.  In the Old Testament there is David.  He is most likely the king of mulligans.  Usually we think of him murdering Uriah the Hittite because David wanted Uriah’s wife, but the list is long.   He robbed people and then killed them so they couldn’t identify him.  Even on his death bed he ordered a murder.  If we go back to the New Testament one of the most poignant do-overs was Peter after he had denied knowing Jesus, not once but three times.

I am encouraged by all of this.  Our God is a God of infinite mercy.  The adjective infinite is a marvelous word.  There is no end to His love.  No end to His forgiveness.   No end to His giving us another chance.  So just in case you are feeling pretty miserable about your past just remember God says, “Second chance.  Why?  I don’t recall a need for my child to have another chance.”  Awesome.   Happy New Year!

Written by Roger Bothwell on January 1, 2016

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