No Self-Made Men and Women in Heaven

If you are not a sports fan you probably missed something quite impressive that happened this past weekend.  Actually it started a week ago.  A young football player for the New England Patriots rushed over 200 yards and scored four touchdowns in a single game.  It was such a remarkable feat he was featured on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated.  However, on Friday he was late coming to practice.  The young sports hero learned an important lesson in discipline and humility.  Because he was late he was not allowed to practice.  Because he did not practice he did not play on Sunday.  He was made to stand in full uniform and watch the Patriots win without him.  I think he will be on time to all upcoming practice sessions.

While I am not so naïve to think character building was his coach’s main purpose, that would be winning games, it is a fact that games cannot be won without discipline and teamwork.  It isn’t all about one person.  Life is that way for all of us.  None of us succeed all by ourselves. We are aided by teams of people.  The self-made man wasn’t self-made.  Yes, he went to work every day.  But, he went in a car he did not build on roads he did not build using gas he did not refine.  He ate food he did not grow and wore clothing he did not sew.  He solved problems with information given to him by others who came before him.  We build on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us.

Neither will we be saved by our own efforts.  We are not self-saved.  Eternal life is a gift to all who will accept it.  We are Jesus-made forgiven saints.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 25, 2014

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