Buyer’s Regret

We were in one of those stores that sells miscellaneous products they somehow got for highly reduced prices.  We walked passed a stack of cans of dog food for a great price.  So I stocked up.  This was too good to by-pass.  There was just one huge problem.  Our dog hated it.  After one big eager bite she spit it out on the floor.  Wow, that had to be some really bad tasting stuff because this dog eats everything and anything.  What seemed like a great deal didn’t turn out that way.   How often have I purchased things thinking it was a marvelous deal only to discover later it wasn’t so great?  “Buyer’s Regret” is an ailment I have often tasted.

One of the things about accepting Jesus as one’s savior is there will never be “Buyer’s Regret.”   We might have a bad experience with a particular church or with a pastor but never confuse them with Jesus.  He was most likely more upset with those who mistreated us as we were.  Accepting Jesus is one of those rare experiences that keeps getting better as the years go by.   It is like opening a present to discover inside there is another present even bigger than the first and inside the second present is an even bigger third present and inside the third present there is an even bigger present and the experience never ends.  Jesus is eternal and our growth with Him is eternal.

I took the dog food back.  We never have to consider giving Jesus back.  After all we aren’t crazy.  Which leads me to think those who do walk away are either crazy or someone never told them the truth about what they were getting and they just didn’t understand how wonderful He is.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 20, 2014

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