The Hopeless Task

The gas station was only a football field away as two slightly built girls were pushing their car toward a fill-up.  The problem was it was uphill and they were straining with all their might and not getting anywhere. It was hopeless.  They were so close and yet so far. Finally I watched two other cars pull over and two muscular young men got out, waved the girls aside and pushed the car to the pumps.

In Hebrews 10 we read about the priests sacrificing animals day in and day out and never making any progress with Israel’s sin problem.  It was hopeless.  Then Jesus came.  He was the ultimate sacrifice that opened the way for all of us to not only enter the court yard and the Holy Place but He gave us direct access into the Most Holy Place.  Without Jesus’ help we are never going to make it.

Now according to Hebrews 10 we can celebrate success in arriving to be with our Father.  He is not only approachable, He is inviting.  He wants us to come with all the eagerness of parents wanting their children and grandchildren to come home for the holidays. If our grandchildren come this Thanksgiving or Christmas you can only imagine the preparation that will take place.  Leaves will be raked.  Windows will be washed.  Carpets will be scrubbed.  The tasks will be endless until the glorious day they arrive.  It is the same in heaven.

We can push and strain until our blood vessels pop and we will make no more progress toward being with our heavenly Father than those two young girls made toward the filling station.  It was only with help they made it.  It is only with the help of Jesus that we can make it.  He is the best – count on it.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 3, 2014

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