Making God Proud

When my mother was 85 she asked her doctor to do a cholesterol test.  I love what he told her.   He said, “Mrs. Felty, you’re 85 years old.  You won!  Go home and eat anything you want.”  I wonder what is the magic number.  At what age can I wake up and head for the supermarket to get anything I want to eat?

I salivate when I walk down the cake mix aisle.  Not because I want to eat cake.  I want to eat one of those cans of icing.  There are so many enticing flavors.  I fantasize what it would be like to take a can of chocolate frosting, pick up a spoon, sit down for a Patriot’s football game and empty that can.  In reality I know I would end up throwing up, but it might be worth it.  I fear if I wait too long I might lose the desire.  See Ecclesiastics 12:5.

Life is an interesting journey.  We are born with incredible potential.  If one is to maximize their potential one has to take good care of oneself.  That encompasses the total realm of what we are.  We are physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual beings.  We cannot neglect or abuse any one of these areas and reach our potential.  It is so important for us to educate our children to understand that everything that is good for us should be done in moderation.  The things God declares to be sin are those things that would keep us from being all we can be.  Therefore the only things that are sinful are things that harm us and others.  God is a wonderful Father who wants the best for us.  He is so proud when we do well.

Writtem by Roger Bothwell on October 28, 2015

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