Our I.Q.s

They appeared to be in their twenties and seemed to be very enamored.  They (and I say this as tenderly as possible) appeared to be on the lower side of gifted.  Perhaps challenged is the correct word.  They were at Burger King and their hugging and kissing were bothering some of the customers.  They were not being aggressively disgusting just displaying a lot of passion with their affections to each other.

Several years ago I had a similar situation occur regularly in church during the worship services.  While the situation in Burger King was almost sweet, such a display in church really bothered me.  Perhaps it was because I was preaching and was trying to keep the congregation’s attention.

Being associated with universities through the years I learned intelligence comes in so many levels and areas.  I had faculty members not come to church when I was preaching because they knew I would not challenge them.  They really were very smart.  The smarter you are the fewer people you can talk with without boring them.  I am amazed that God is interested in talking with us.  He knows and understands everything.  What can we tell Him?   How do we interest Him? I think my dog is very smart but really our conversations are very limited.

God’s fascination with us is our capacity to grow.  Just as I loved my sons when they were three, I found them more and more interesting as the years went by. Now I am in a situation where they can speak of things that force me to really concentrate and even then I sometimes don’t understand.  As God’s children we will never speak of things He will not understand.  He will be delighted to see our IQ climbing with our never ending birthdays.

Written by Roger Bothwell on Sept. 7, 2015

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