On Being Late

I’m sure you have noticed the older we become the earlier we arrive at appointments.  There are exceptions to this.  You can count on some people being late.  It seems to be part of their fabric no matter how old they are.  But most of us seem to follow the “old people show up early” syndrome.  I’m guessing one of the reasons is experience has taught us many things can happen on route that would make us late.  So we build in time to change a tire or take a detour.

It is disconcerting to have tickets for an event and be told late-comers will not be seated until intermission.  How can that be?  I paid for these tickets.  I have always wondered if there were people who planned to get into Noah’s ark but were late arriving at the door.  Wow – talk about not being seated!

One can miss a lot by arriving late.  I have known people who knew they should become Christians but they knew about God’s love and grace and therefore, put it off thinking to take advantage of the offer later on in life.  That might work.  God is amazingly forgiving.  I say it might work because life can end abruptly not affording that late chance.  However, the real issue is what they have lost along the way.  Being a Christian isn’t merely about salvation and eternal life.  There are quality of life issues for now.  Life is amazingly stressful for many people.  A life in Christ can help.  One of my favorite authors wrote, “A life in Christ is a life of restfulness.”  There is a peace that comes with the assurance of salvation.  One’s whole approach to problems is much more sane and relaxed when one is resting in God’s strong hand.  It is foolish to be late.

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 15, 2014

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