Elmo by the Road

It was so sad.  Lying by the side of the road, close enough to be run over, was Elmo.  There he was bright red, with his orange nose, mouth agape and two big eyes looking terrified as we bore down upon him.  Was he missing his owner and how did he get there?  Did he fall out of the window of a passing car and did a horrified child look out the back window watching him fade into the distance?  I wanted to get off at the next exit and circle back to rescue him.  But that would have been silly.  He wasn’t worth it.  If I wanted an Elmo I could order him on Amazon.com and have him delivered to my door the next day.  I could buy lots of Elmos.

When Adam and Eve fell was there ever a moment when God wondered if they were worth what their redemption was going to cost?  To get another couple He wouldn’t have to order them from Amazon.com and wait a day.  Not only could He create another couple right away He could create lots of Adams and lots of Eves.  God doesn’t need Fedex.

God’s ability to make more was never a consideration.  When we lose a loved child we are not pleased when someone says, “Thank God, you can have another.”  Another doesn’t work.  Another never replaces the one lost.  Each child is unique and once lost there will always be a room in our hearts with that child’s name on the door.  Therefore, the instant Adam and Eve fell the plan for their redemption was initiated.  There wasn’t a moment to lose.  Our salvation will come the very moment when all is ready.  Love hates to wait.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 28, 2014

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