I Want to Be an Apple Pie

She was 90 if she was a day.  She tried to stand tall and walk straight but the telltale hump was there.  The slight off balance in her stride was there. She had home colored her hair that gracefully flowed onto her shoulders.  When one uses a home kit it is all one color.  Her face had been carefully painted on.  She had penciled in eyebrows, mascara, bright red lips and overly rouged cheeks.  Her neck was a giveaway. She should have worn a scarf.  But going to Denny’s for the evening is not fine dining.

Fighting the age-battle is universal.  Well, actually no.  I should say earthly.  We do it in many ways.  We see lots of doctors, take vitamins and exercise all in a quest to stay young.  However, no matter how much we try or how many natural herbs and supplements we consume the Grim Reaper gets us all.  Vegans and carnivores all eventually push up daises.  I’m requesting my ashes be sprinkled at the base of an apple tree so I can become a pie.

Really, there is only one way to victoriously fight the age-battle.  The cure for aging is personified in Jesus Christ.  He alone is the resurrection and the life.  He alone will honor His promises to us.  If we believe we cross over from death to life.  See John 5.

So, should we not bother trying to stay young?   We should try because by doing so we add quality to the days we have here.  The old lady made me smile.  I was not laughing at her.  I was pleased that she had the dignity and self-respect to do her best. Good for her. I should be so good in my nineties.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 8, 2014

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