The Mystery of Ephesians 3

In Ephesians 3 Paul reveals to us a mystery he says was hidden to his ancestors.  Verse 6 reads, “This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.”  God has no favorites.  Everyone may participate in the plan of redemption. This doesn’t mean God withheld His love from other groups.  In the Old Testament we have the story of Balaam, who was not an Israelite, but still a prophet of God; confused yes, but Jehovah’s man.  Human ego wants so badly to be special we automatically black list those who are different than we.  Up until the cross there was no special revelation regarding this.  Now there was.  Grace was and is available to everyone.

In Revelation 7 John tells us the mass of redeemed standing before God’s throne are too many to count.  Every gender, every nationality, every race, every age group are there.  You name it God saves it.   In Romans 1 Paul tells us God holds people to account through the revelation of nature.  Even if they have never heard the name of Jesus the opportunity for salvation is there.  In Acts we read that no other name other than Jesus can save.  Those who never heard His name are saved by Him per their reaction to the things He created.  He will tell them His name once they are in heaven.

Paul is telling us something wonderful about God’s nature. God is in the business of saving people.  He will weep over every human lost.   The mystery of God’s nature has been revealed.  Your group and my group have no exclusive ticket

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 6, 2013

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