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Today I heard someone use the word “fetching” as in “She is very fetching.”  I think it has been years, perhaps decades, since I have heard that word.  Words are like clothes and haircuts.  They go out of fashion.  When I sit down to write I have different piles of words on my desk.  There is a pile of nouns and a pile of verbs.  Then there are piles of adverbs and piles of adjectives.  There is no end to the various ways they can be assembled into sentences. “Fetching” is in the adjective pile.   However, if we remove the “ing” the result is “fetch.”  Then it moves over to the verb pile.  “My dog is a retriever but does not know it.  She will not “fetch.”

Perhaps “fetching” has grown old because of the women’s movement. It sounds pejorative.  I am reminded of Samson saying to his father.  “The woman pleases me.  Get (fetch) her for me.”  It sounds so much better to say she is lovely, pretty or beautiful.

One thing for sure is God does not fetch us.  He could.  He is all powerful.  Instead He comes to us. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”  Talk about respect.  He will never force us to come nor will He force His way on us.  He is inviting.  He woos.  He loves us and longs for our company but He knows what love is.  Love cannot be forced or fetched.  Love draws.  Love creates desire.  If you have not read I Corinthians 13 recently, do so.  Delight yourself by reading it in a few different translations for different nuances.  God is not self-seeking.  All that He does He does for us.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 25, 2013

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