The Quiet Life

While driving to work this morning I heard a wonderful quote from George Washington penned to Parke Custis.  He wrote, “I had rather be on my farm than be the emperor of the world.”  There is much to be said for a quiet life.  Perhaps all of us have temporarily been struck with a desire to be famous or very important.  Hopefully the disease passes quickly.  However, in some I see it is a permanent affliction.  James and John were infected.  They even got their mother to try to influence Jesus to save power positions for them in the new kingdom.  I watch administrators battle with budgets, disgruntled board members and even with each other and I am so happy to be a teacher.  It is the greatest job in the world.  Other people have to worry about how to pay me and being with the students is a daily treat.

Just today one of my students told me she wanted to transfer to another college because our college is too quiet.  Our college town is very small and surrounded by fields and forests.  She told me at night she can hear strange sounds that sound like animals.  I reminded her that those animals were far less dangerous than the sounds of the urban animals where she said she wanted to go.

Emily Dickenson wrote, “Success is sweetest to those who ne’er succeeded.”  I’m sure she was right.  The issue is to define success.  Surely it is defined as differently as there are people.  However, I am reminded that when God first made Adam and Eve, He put them is a garden.

Written by Roger Bothwell on February 22, 2011

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