The Whole Truth?

I am about to reveal how uninformed and unobservant I am.  While I was staring at the keyboard on my laptop I saw something new to me.  There is a small number 1 on the j key and a 2 on the k key and a 3 on the l key.  I have had this laptop for five years and use it daily.  I never noticed this prior to now.  If I hold down the fn key while pressing one of those keys with the little numbers, that number appears on my screen instead of letters.  Duh!  They are right there before me and had you asked me about it I would have insisted there was no such number pad.

So, how many other things are right before me that I have never seen?  Am I uniquely unobservant or could this be a shared human trait?  I don’t know what I would say if asked in a court to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I don’t know what the whole truth is.  I can only say what I know and what I know appears to be very limited.

So many churches are convinced they are the repositories of truth.  Members knock on my door and have been very definite that I will be lost because I am not one of them.  That is so fascinating because that is salvation by being right.  Paul is so very clear that we are saved by faith in Jesus.  Truth for them has become the avenue to heaven but is there anyone with the truth?  How much is right in front of us and we have never seen it?   I am most anxious for the day when Jesus will say to us, “You all were wrong.  Let me now tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 3, 2013

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