Of Weddings and Feasts
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Of Weddings and Feasts

Jesus was a very social person who apparently enjoyed gala events and weddings.  Many of His parables are built around weddings and feasts. As a matter of fact the only real accusation his enemies could mount against Him was His attendance at feasts with questionable people.  This is one situation when the old adage about birds of a feather just didn’t hold true.  He likes the metaphor of a marriage when He speaks of our relationship to Him.   In Revelation there is a brief description of the wedding feast of the Lamb with Him being the lamb and the bridegroom.

One of my favorite feast stories took place at Simon’s house when a woman of a most questionable reputation bathed Jesus’ feet with precious anointment.  It really was scandalous.  It would be surprising if there were not men in the room who had tasted her favors.  I wonder how many of them were silent and if any were critical. How often do we play Mr. Holy when the real truth about us would be shocking and devastating?   I just love it when Jesus told the critics in the room to leave her alone.  She had honored Him above even the host of the feast.

My next favorite is when there was room at a feast for more and the servants went out and rounded up anyone and everyone.  Whosever will come.  Awesome.  Street people, bag ladies, people who hadn’t had a bath in who knows how long.  There is room – bring them in.  Fill the banquet hall because there is provision for all.  To me this story is the essence of the Gospel.  One thing for sure, it strikes right at the heart of any exclusiveness we might want for ourselves.  God is an equal opportunity saver

Written by Roger Bothwell on April 29, 2011

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