A Slap on the Back of the Head

There are some people that really need a slap on the back of the head.  This evening I saw three adults who really should be at the head of the line with all of us lined up to do the deed.  First of all it was dark.  Second, it was a really very busy intersection with rapidly moving cars.  Third, they were crossing the street against the light.  Fourth, they were pushing two baby strollers. Fifth, they were just strolling.

As I drove away literally seething at what I had seen I unfortunately remembered a few really dumb things I have done.  Perhaps I should get a slap on the back of the head before those folk.  I doubt if I am really out of place here to think that perhaps you too can remember deserving a good slap.  Even if it is just a matter of taking all our blessings for granted and not remembering to be thankful.

A lifetime ago I was a pastor in Calhoun, Ga.  One morning the word got out that I was ill.  Before the day was out I had three separate house visits from three separate physicians.  We had called none of them.  Today my primary care physician told my wife he prays everyday that I will be well.  Last week my specialist told me he loved Ian and me.  If ever once you hear me complain about my lot in life I want you to come to my house and slap me on the back of the head.

I think of people who don’t positively respond to the wondrous gift of eternal life; especially those who have heard it over and over.  I wish the only result of that would be a slap on the back of the head.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 21, 2012

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