So Very Special
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So Very Special

When God finished each day of Creation He said, “That is good.”  That was until the end of the 6th day.  Then He said, “That is very good.”  He had just created Adam and Eve.  They were magnificent.  Angels sang and Lucifer complained.  For the Psalmist wrote, “You made him a little lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor.”  Psalm 8:5.  At least that is how the King James Version of the Bible is translated.  The translators could not bring themselves to translate the Hebrew word “elohim” which is usually translated “God” and so they substituted “heavenly beings” or “angels.”  Some translations render it with the usual translation.  It seems there was something special about Adam and Eve.  They had something the angels did not.  Until then Lucifer had been the most glorious fruit of God’s handiwork.

I looked in the mirror this morning.  How very depressing.  Sin has more than taken its toll.  The bloom left the rose a long time ago.  I just now noticed.  Years ago one of the saints, H.M.S. Richards, was asked if it was morally right for women to use makeup.  His response was classic, “If the barn needs painting, paint it.”  We do need a lot of care.  Clothing covers a multitude of flaws.  Glasses on older people distract us from the bags and wrinkles about our eyes.  Hair, if we have any, can be stylishly coiffed to enhance our plainness.  We can even grow it long by our ears and comb it over the top holding it there with lots of spray.

How very grand it will be when the promises of eternal life made to us by Jesus will come to fullness.  Forever young.   Forever in full bloom.  Forever in His image.

Written by Roger Bothwell on January 11, 2013

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