Take Good Care of Her
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Take Good Care of Her

I was sitting in a surgical waiting room in a large Boston Hospital.  It was an interesting place.  It was a mix of people waiting their turn to go into surgery as well as family members waiting for doctors to come out to report on loved ones.   I could not help but notice one particular couple.  They looked to be near seventy and he was being very attentive to her.  One could see the anxiety in his eyes as he held her hand and occasionally touched her hair.  Finally someone in a blue coat came out to get her.  As he let go of her hand, ever so poignantly he said, “Take good care of her. She’s mine.”

I wonder if the night the angel came to tell Mary she was pregnant with the creator of the universe and the redeemer of mankind, if the angel said to her, “Take good care of Him.  He’s ours.”   How horrified heavenly beings must have been to see Him born in a filthy, fly infested animal stable. Despite such an impoverished beginning Joseph and Mary did a great job. Jesus grew and increased in wisdom and in favor with God and the people around Him.   Joseph and Mary were excellent parents.

After Joseph’s death Jesus took good care of Mary.   That’s the way it is supposed to be.  We are designed to take care of each other.  However, once again heavenly beings must have been excruciatingly horrified to watch what humans did to the Jesus heaven loved.  God sent us His only son and we did NOT take good care of Him.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 3, 2008

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