Not So Smart Anymore
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Not So Smart Anymore

A strange thing happens as the days go by; we know less and less.  Eighteen year olds know everything.  But as the days go by it is harder and harder to know something for sure.

Life is full of variables.  Things that at one time seemed to have a single cause now seem to have multiple causes.  Very few things seem to be because of one factor.  It is natural to want to simplify things by finding a cause.  There is the temptation to categorize people by putting them into little boxes with such names as sanguine or melancholy.  Or the temptation to explain people’s idiosyncrasies or annoying habits by attributing them to a troubled childhood or a neurological dysfunction.  The temptation to label.

Is anyone all good or all bad?  Don’t lots of really nice people have their imperfect moments?  Perhaps that is why Jesus says not to judge others.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 26, 2000

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