A Day In May
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A Day In May

The earth on the evening of the third day of creation must have been amazing for God didn’t spread the earth with seeds; He planted fully grown trees and shrubs.  New fields of flowers scented the air with waves of perfume.  It would be forty-eight more hours until there were bees.  How intoxicated they must have been at the close of the fifth day.  Surely His new creation must have been a dazzling bouquet.  While there were not yet people, angels marveled and enjoyed every new display of color.  Our God is an artist!  Splashes of reds, yellows, blues and colors for which we have no names filled the continents of this beautiful blue orb.

May has decorated our yard with lily of the valley and pansies.  Even though they are limited in number they give us a taste of what is to come.  Our bird feeders are busy places.  Flying colors.  Never the same configuration.  Variety.  So much to see.  If one is bored it is a commentary on the depth of their thoughts and no reflection upon the Creator.  If all this is the survival of the fittest why are there cardinals, scarlet tanagers and blue jays that one cannot miss seeing?  Let the evolutionists cast their doubts and mock the idea of intelligent design, but I don’t see any of them writing books by just typing random letters on a computer screen.  No intelligent person disputes microevolution, while there are huge differences between a Scottie and Labrador Retriever, they are still dogs.  There isn’t just one missing link.  There are thousands of missing links.  All the charts supposedly showing a progression from simple-celled animals to us only reveal a common designer.  There is no uninterrupted flow from one to the other.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for the One who made it all loves you and me.  He even loves those who don’t think He is.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 20, 2009

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