A Life Filled With Friends
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A Life Filled With Friends

Of all my blessings I count, the richness of having real friends is at the top of the list. At every stage of my life I have been surrounded by people who I would count it a privilege to give life itself.   My dearest one, of course, is the one who has shared my walk for over fifty years.   My walk has been incredibly rich with those who I believe would do the same for me. If they would not they had me fooled.

Once during the worst crisis of my life when I thought everything was gone a group of people surrounded me with amazing care.  When I took inventory of them many surprised me.  They stepped up from the background of my life.  I had not known they were there.  My crisis made my life richer.   One who did not surprise me by his presence surprised me by his depth.  He was an old friend who mailed me a signed blank check.   He told me to fill in whatever I needed.  It would be his worry to cover it.  I still have that check.

Have you ever wondered what you would want on your tombstone?  I think I would like to have the following.  “He had friends.”   And of course I must mention my friend from heaven who said to His disciples, “You are my friends.”   See John 15.

One spring day when the waters of the American River in California were particularly high and raging I had an incredible ride, or should I say swim since we were out of the raft almost more than we were in.  After hours of being bashed against rocks and gasping for air we safely arrived at our destination.  One of them seeing the glee in my eyes asked if there was ever a moment when I was afraid.  My response was heartfelt.  I said, “How could I be?  I was with my friends.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 8, 2009

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