Sweet Rolls
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Sweet Rolls

Fifty years ago my mother-in-law made the world’s most amazingly scrumptious sweet rolls every Friday afternoon.  The weekend house was olfactory heaven.  I think my wife thought I was coming to visit her.  I will never admit that I didn’t want to miss Friday evenings for another reason.  Recently my wife has been trying to replicate those rolls.  She can almost get them that good, but not quite.  I think if she does get it I will not let her know.  The longer she tries the more sweet rolls I get.

I wonder if she already has reproduced them but is it our older taste buds that are the problem?  Could it be that things were just not as sweet as we remember?  When we visit wonderful places we remember from childhood those places are rarely as big or grand as what we recall.

However, there is something that does grow better.  Our walk with the Lord can actually be sweeter as we age.  Because I teach human development, I think I know the reason why.  As we mature so does the complexity of our mental gifts.  There are some ideas that young minds cannot fully grasp.  Some ideas need the experience of years in order to move to a higher level – thus the reason one cannot be President of the United States until one is thirty or older.  According to cognitive experts that is being generous.

The story of our redemption and the nuances of God’s plan to rescue us will fascinate us forever.   As we grow so will our grasp of God’s love.  We will never tire of this study.  It is a story that will grow sweeter as millennia roll by.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 15, 2011

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