I Was Wrong
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I Was Wrong

Just in case you thought you could believe everything you research on the Internet, think again.  Even my devotionals have now fallen into doubt. Last night I reported that the Derek Redmond event that included his father occurred in 1988 in Seoul.  Wrong!  It was in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympic Games.  I looked it up and the first reference I got on Bing told me it was in Seoul.  I did not double check my facts and passed on the error.  Sorry about that!

It is easy to pass error about with our electronic tools. It happens with regularity and even checking with Snopes does not always guarantee accuracy. Eyewitness accounts do not necessarily make things true because each of us, despite our complete confidence in our own intelligence, sees things through our biases and prejudices.  Whether we like it or not, or are willing to admit it, each of us sees what we want to see and are blind to concepts, events and facts that do not fit what we want to be true.  Just talk to teachers about parental reactions to negative information about their children.  Too often Jimmy can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, this is also true regarding our religious experiences.  When we read Scriptures we are inclined not to notice passages that conflict with our “truth.”  And when they are brought to our attention we spin them so there is no conflict. We spin before we change.  God certainly has His work cut out for Him when it comes to teaching us something new.  Yet there are new things for us to learn.  Pray that God would open our minds to what He wants us to know.  His light shines more and more as we grow.  Let’s let it happen.  See Proverbs 4:18.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 16, 2010

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