Needing Some Self-Esteem
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Needing Some Self-Esteem

It was time for a new tube of toothpaste.  Being a skinflint I had squeezed every possible bit of white stuff out of the old tube.  After taking the cap off the new tube there was yet a foil seal to be removed.  I pulled up on the tab and puff, the tube belched and promptly flattened.  It had been 90% filled with air.  It is needless to say anything about my disappointment.

At first I was tempted to write about the bags of hot air I have known.  I even worked for a few, but that would not be very Christian of me.  Instead I have elected to be reminded of other disappointments I have had.  Again I am tempted to personalize that topic, but I shall resist and think of the times I have disappointed myself.  That is the hardest topic.  One of life’s most important needs is self-esteem.  I wonder how, without God’s forgiveness, any of us can have much after decades of life.  I sometimes talk about the great human tragedies of a life well spent and then having one disappointing event.  When the person’s name is mentioned instead of remembering decades of good we instantly remember that one day when things didn’t go well.  Not only do we do it about others we do it for ourselves.

We try to be good parents and put eighteen years of dedicated effort into trying our best but we remember the few times we were lousy parents.  I have come to believe it is much easier to forgive others than it is the person we see in the mirror.  It is on such thoughtful moments that we need to remind ourselves that our heavenly Father not only forgives the times we disappointed Him but He actually chooses to forget them.  That is amazing.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 10, 2010

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