Balance Can Be Difficult
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Balance Can Be Difficult

We have some dear friends we like to diner with each Sunday morning.  This morning while sipping on a hot drink I watched our waitress top off one of my friend’s hot drink.  Immediately she had to try to conjure up the right balance of drink, cream and sugar.  The added top off upset her prior perfect mix.  As I watched I realized how much this was like our lives.  We can have the perfect balance.  We enjoy our jobs, our health is good, our children and grandchildren are doing well, the weather is great and the bills paid.   Then something happens.  The mix is changed and the balance is gone.  Life’s challenge then is to seek to regain the prior perfect mix. It’s not easy.  Often there are just too many variables and one of them might be gigantic.

It’s on these occasions we would be wise to seek divine help.  God is only a prayer away and though it might not often seem so He is eager to help.  When Jesus told us to pray “Our Father” Jesus was not using a metaphor.  God is most anxious to have us consider Him to be the best Father we could desire.  He has unlimited resources but wisely doesn’t just dump upon us our requests.   He’s much smarter than we are and knows exactly what we need to restore the balance.

Balance is not easy.  I am always impressed to see a trapeze artist walk a wire without a balance pole.  That’s a tough act.  The bigger the pole the easier the walk.  So it is with us.  God provides a pole that is just the right length.  Too long would make it too easy and we wouldn’t grow.   Too short and we would fall.   He

knows exactly what we need.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 1, 2010

Spring of Life Ministry, PO Box 124, St. Helena, CA