Debris Clean Up Tomorrow
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Debris Clean Up Tomorrow

As a result of last December’s horrific ice storm there are gigantic piles of tree parts by the curb of most every other home.   This past weekend the city put up the following signs.  “Storm Debris Clean Up Starts Tomorrow.” We are looking forward to the debris being carted away but apparently they are never going to come for it.  On my way to school this morning the signs still said, “Starts tomorrow.”  If I see the same sign tomorrow I have to assume they aren’t coming.

I am reminded of a student who told me she just couldn’t become a Christian today but most likely some time in the future.  At the close of the semester as she turned in her final I asked her if the time had arrived.  She gave me a smug smile and said, “Maybe tomorrow.”  I have to assume the fault is mine and other Christians around me. Apparently we have not made it attractive.  She is fearful she will have to give up good times.  Have we made being a Christian so vanilla it isn’t appealing until one is too old to party?  Do people see following Jesus as an experience for those whose juices have dried up?  What about Jesus telling us He came so we might have life more abundantly?  Isn’t the abundant life for now and not for tomorrow?

Every time we take up an offering for evangelism my heart aches.  Why should we have to spend a fortune each year trying to convince people to follow Jesus?  Shouldn’t our lives be a walking advertisement?  If people found out they would be loved and cared for inside the walls of our church we couldn’t keep them out.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 5, 2009

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