Works Make God Happy

After food, shelter and safety, the most important human need is love.  From the moment we are born love is essential if a baby is to thrive.  The infant brain needs cuddling and gentle human touch.  God created us this way.  God is love.  (I John 4:8)  We satisfy His desire to nurture.  We are avenues for His innermost need.   It is difficult for us to imagine a perfect being with needs.  However, love needs a lovee.   Most adults need children.  If they don’t have children they have a pet or pets.  We spend huge amounts of money on in vitro procedures or adoptions that we might have the joy of parenting.  Jesus told us to call God “Our Father.”   No one knows God better than Jesus.  He is God.  See Hebrews 1.

Just as children that prosper bring happiness to their parents, so God is glorified when we do well.  Jesus told us He came to give us the abundant life.  When we avail ourselves of His offer He is pleased.  In Ephesians 2 we are told God saves us for the purpose of showering us with gifts of grace.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus told us we give God glory by our works. What a wonderful understanding of the nature of living a Godlike life.  We are saved by grace.  Ephesians 2.  Our works don’t save us.  But our works are very important for they bring great joy into the heart of the One, who by His great work on the cross, saves us.  Grace saves.  Works are an expression of our character growth and our love for God.  Works make God happy.

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 4, 2008

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