Fixing Plus Learning
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Fixing Plus Learning

I had a small computer technical problem this evening and  called tech support.   Upon his request I gave the tech support person control of my computer.  In a few moments my computer mouse arrow started whizzing about my screen and as fast as I could barely comprehend, windows were opening and closing, menus appeared and disappeared, commands were typed in little boxes and everything started working properly.   He terminated his control of my machine and I was once again sole commander of my domain.

At first I thought it would be grand if the Holy Spirit would take over our lives like that and aid us in solving our human problems.  How grand just to sit back and watch His divine power make everything right.  But then I paused and thought, “No.”   While it was wonderful to have my computer working, I did not learn anything.  If the same thing goes wrong again, I have no way of repairing it other than to once again call tech support.  He whizzed through windows and menus and I couldn’t note where he was and what he did.   What we need from the Holy Spirit is not just a repair but also knowledge.  We need to know how to avoid future difficulties and should we err, it is very helpful to know what to do to remedy the situation.

God declares us faultless as we come before His throne.  See Jude verse 24. But He is also interested in our growth.  He wants us to learn.  He wants us to become more like Him each day.  He will not only fix He will educate.

How grand!

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 15, 2008.

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