Jesus Never Lies
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Jesus Never Lies

I am confounded by my Christian friends who are so caught up in political debates and side-taking.  I am barraged by email forwards of left and right wing materials that are so blatantly biased and unfair I am amazed real Christians can pass them on.  If Christians should be about anything it is truth.  Neither the right nor the left is interested in truth.  Both sides are interested in winning.  Winning is power.  Power is an addictive corruptive drug that intoxicates and blinds one to what is fair.

Truly, it does not take a Philadelphia lawyer to see the half-truths told about the other side.  Single sentences (sound bites) are continually yanked from context.  Should a candidate misspeak about the smallest item it is blown into gigantic proportions.  Which of us could be consistent if video cameras were documenting our every breath?   Add to that the constant travel across the country and even around the world.  These people are not immune to fatigue and jet lag.  They are filled with caffeine as they try not to say how happy they are to be in Chicago when they are in Atlanta.  Deep down they know the inferences they make about the other isn’t true.

I so wish we Christians could be as passionate about Jesus and His love as we sometimes get over candidates who will say and promise most anything to be elected and once in office realize the reality of the world and the things they promised can’t be delivered.  Truth is not a campaign staple. However, the promises Jesus makes are forever true.  They are the staple of our faith.  Jesus never lies.   He doesn’t even tell half-truths.  He only tells the whole truth.  And the whole truth is – He loves you dearly!

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 25, 2008.

Photograph by Eberhard Grossgasteiger.

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