In A State Of Wonder
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In A State Of Wonder

There is a place in my forest (I fanaticize that it is mine.  It belongs to the State of Massachusetts.  I guess that makes it mine.) where a stream cascades down a small rock ledge into a pool filled with crystal clear water that is presently hosting a few red and yellow leaves.  The leaves are neither on the top or bottom but are suspended in the motion of the water. Occasionally the sun pierces through the leaves as the wind moves the overhead branches and the sunlight catches facets in the moving water.  For fleeting fractions of moments one seems to see deep into the pool only to quickly lose the vision of suspended gold.

As I gaze into it I am filled with the same feelings I often get when reading Scripture.  There are so many mysteries in the Bible.  I do not understand infinity backwards.  I cannot grasp Jesus’ dual nature.  I do not begin to know why God loves me.  I do not understand the beginning of iniquity in heaven.  My list could go on.  As I read I have these fractions of moments when my limited intelligence almost grasps some new deep truth. For a fleeting second my brain almost sees and then as if tantalizing me with truth it is gone.

In I Corinthians 13 Paul speaks of seeing through a glass darkly.  I have these moments of clarity only to once again become mystified by the enormity of the God who loves us and who died for us.  The gift seems so outrageously out of proportion it leaves me in a state of wonder.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 17, 2008.

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