God Forgets
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God Forgets

We call her the busy lady. She lives across the hall from my mom. She is always active folding clothes, making her bed, doing her nails or visiting with people in the hallway. She always is dressed very nicely and has a lovely smile for everyone passing her way. This evening as I greeted her she asked me to help her find her room. She was standing in her doorway.

I have never learned to swear but tonight I wanted to. I wanted to curse whoever or whatever had stolen this lovely lady’s mind. She looked at me and asked me to pray for her. She knew she was confused. How ironic the very moment I felt like cursing she asked me to pray.

Annie sang, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” Thank God there is always a tomorrow. There is a never ending supply of tomorrows for all those who will accept the gift of His grace which promises an eternity of never forgetting anything accept the things we want to forget. There are many things we should forget. We should forget the slights, the insults and the disappointments of life. I used to say the “good old days” were really not that good. But why not make them so? It makes for a much better present and a wonderful future. Even God forgets. He does so because He chooses to never remember our sins. Once forgiven we are cleansed and looked at as if we had never sinned. How very grand! I John 1:9

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 21, 2002
Spring of Life, 151 Old Farm Rd. Leominster, MA 01453